8 Years of WordPress

I noticed a cool little note in my notifcation feed today (techincally it’s actually from 3 weeks ago).

8-years-of-wordpressIt’s pretty amazing to think it’s been 8 years since I started working with WordPress.  Back then it was just a .com account to create this very travel blog, then titled “World Wide Wanderment”.


Get it…  like WWW? and wandering…   Oh I was SOOooo clever!

At the time WordPress was at version 2.0.3 and I was using the “Connections” theme on .com, it’s retired but you can see it here:

Here’s a couple screenshots of what 2.0.3 looked like on the backend…

Ah memories.  It wasn’t until a couple years later I went from blogging with WordPress, to actually working with WordPress, but what a great 8 years it’s been and oh how much I’m looking forward to the next 8.  Big news coming soon.


  1. Did you bust out that header in Microsoft Word?

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