Back at the house

DSC 1754 I picked up all the dogs from boarding and Tucker seemed to survive his first ever boarding experince just fine. He was certainly happy to see me, but it sounds like he had a good time playing with all the other dogs. In the large play area there are a pair of kids play houses, by kids play houses I mean a six foot by six foot by six foot multi colored plastic house. According to the owner of the kennel Tucker took a liking to one of them and when not playing with the other dogs, which he did plenty of, he would lay on the upper level with his head sticking out one of the windows just watching the action. I’d really love a photo of that, maybe next time.

On Monday I finally had a day all to myself and the dogs. Which meant I could finally catch up on blogs, flickr, photos, laundry, etc… whoo hoo! One might think that I have lots of free time, not really so… I’m almost always doing something with someone, which I love. I think some people misunderstand when I say “I’m traveling alone”. There is very little alone about it. The exception to that would be the actual driving during the cross country part, but even then I’d occasionally meet up with some random stranger here or there for a chat.

DSC 2171On Tuesday I started the day by helping Em re-landscape thier front yard. We headed down to the nursery togeter to get some large plants and then spent the rest of the morning planting bushes and trees in front of thier new porch. We planted a half dozen new bushes and trees as well as some small grasses. It all came out very nice and it was really quite fun to be digging in the dirt again. Here’s the before and after shot of the front yard, also note the beautiful new porch. (after shot is coming I seem to have forgotten to take it).

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