My Favorite Place on Earth

One question I get asked all the time when talking about my travels is “What’s your favorite place?” I have a lot of favorites, but there is one place I hold above all others. I found it on my very first trip to Asia


Never Ending Peace And Love

Normally it’s a delight when I’m reminded of somewhere I’ve been by seeing it in a movie or reading about it in the news. Each time it happens I’m reminded of how blessed I’ve been to see so many beautiful places. Lately though, it’s been Nepal in the news and the merry memories of Nepal […]


Why I don’t post my photos online anymore

My first trip through Thailand and Asia I was a prolific photo taker. I love those photos and that trip. Some of those photos we’re really good and I still reference back to them. At the time I posted a most of my best photos to Flickr so friends, family and strangers could enjoy them […]


Surfing Jaws 2012

Jaws 2012, a set on Flickr. Jaws is breaking (it doesn’t unless there is a large swell) and I got down there briefly today to shoot some photos. It was huge when I was was down there, but it was probably even bigger this morning before I got there,. ┬áPeople assume I surf, and I […]


The sunsets are always good, Sometimes up I just know they’re going spectacular. – Posted using