Chocolate and Beer

Hear me out… I never would have believed it. I listen to several podcasts, one I particularly enjoy but can’t catch up with is More Hip than Hippie. These woman manage a hour plus show every week and I’m months behind the current show in my listening. Anyway, they talk about all sorts of things that were once the domain of Hippies, but have one converts in the Hip (read Yuppie) crowd as well. Buy organic produce, or driving hybrid cars, or maybe not being vegetarian but drastically cutting ones intake of meat. In every episode though that also talk about chocolate and beer… Yes, during the show they drink beer and eat chocolate… together! Now I love chocolate with wine, especially port, but with beer? I dismissed this as some weird ghetto white trash concoction, until I finally tried it. I’m currently munching on gourmet dark chocolate from Whole Food Market and drinking a White bread Pale Ale (lighter than most of the beer I’d drink, but good) and the combo is excellent! Unbelievable, but props to Dori and Val. Give it a try sometime.

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