Time in Long Beach

I’ve spent the last six days living out of my girlfriend Elena’s apartment. I don’t know if she realize its the longest consecutive time we’ve spent together in the same place, excluding vacations. It was actually nice and relaxing, which isn’t necessarily what I would have expected. I tend to find being around other people for prolonged periods of time to become irritating. I like my space, mostly because I like being able to be selfish. Which is not to say I don’t like being generous, I think I’m a fairly generous friend and boyfriend. There are just times I want to do what I want to do without regard or concern for others, that’s what I mean by selfish.

Om-1Which leads me to Yoga. Yoga, which I love, is an inherently selfish endeavor, but one which is for altruistic ends. Taking the time to nurture oneself and focus entirely on the better met of oneself is key to become a less selfish person in the world. More on this and how infrequently I’ve been practicing later.

On the artistic front I bought a camera, a Nikon D50, and have ordered my dream lens, a Nikon 18-200 VR. Which with luck should arrive soon. The combination of which I hope will suit me perfectly for my travels.

Bishop-VanOn the getting the hack out of town front. I’m still in SoCal, back in Idyllwild after the aforementioned six days in Long Beach. I’ve decided, which really means among everything else going on it slipped me mind, that I want to get the air conditioning running on my van before I head across the county. The irony is that, while I always wanted to get it working, I wouldn’t have cared to much if I’d hit the road in the early spring like I’d planned… now in the middle of summer it seems much more desirable even though I’ve lived without it for six years. So next week, sometime shortly after the fourth of July, the van should finally be 100% ready to go. At which point I’ll be out of reasons not to be living on the road.

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