Half way around the other direction

Earlier this year Elena and I went on an amazing 4 month adventure around Asia visiting Thailand, Bali, Laos and Singapore. It was long planned trip and it was fabulous. As many of you know the highlight came at the end when we got engaged.

Well, I just finished booking flights for our next adventure: we’re headed to Europe for 2 months.

I made a little animated map of our route using a cool new service I found called Tripline which imports from TripIt, making it pretty easy.

Hit Play in the top right corner, enjoy the show and then let me know how the map works for you in the comments. I’m thinking I’ll do one after the face for Asia, and maybe make a “year end round up” map if it works.

The focus of this trip is to attend Terra Madre and Salon de Gusto in Torrino. Elena will be attending to represent SlowFood’s Maui chapter. Coincidentally WordCamp Europe happens a month before Salon de Gusto, so being us, we’re heading over early and combining the two events. Then while researching flights I found out that I can book American Advantage MileSAAVer award airfares into and out of Barcelona. So we’re using my 100,000 American Airlines miles. 30k miles each for the flight from SNA (Orange County) to BCN (Barcelona) and only 20k BCN to OGG (Maui). The flights from OGG to the mainland are Hawaiian and Alaska Miles. The european flights are all cash, but I found some great fares from Barcelona to Sofia, Sofia to Rome and Turin to Barcelona.


  1. WOW!

  2. This worked perfectly! and it was fascinating to see. I want to try it myself.

    • It’s pretty easy, but Triplines interface for customizing the map isn’t the most obvious of things to use. I did love being able to import the basic outline from TripIt though.

  3. YESSSSS–I love this…really gives a sense of the world…I remember reading once that a younger generation that didn’t have much geography in school basically sees the world as a series of rooms, some which move. You take a little room on wheels to the airport, where you wait in a room until you board this room with a bunch of seats that flies somewhere–you have no idea where or how, but you end up in another room after a while, and then you take a little room on wheels…and on and on…with your moving map, we get to see the relativity of things, and over oceans, etc…I’d like to use that for my next road trip…thanks!

    • Very surreal. There are times I’m half way around the world and I feel like I’m just across the street at my neighbors house. Then other times I swear I’ve been transported to a different galaxy and then slipped into an alternate dimension.

  4. Very cool! I can’t wait to follow your trip online ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Don’t get your hopes up too high, I have a long history of disappointing folks in that arena. I’m still by far the worst “travel blogger” I know. I am continually inspired by those amazing bloggers though, and am trying hard to resurrect this blog. Let’s all root for me finally succeeding in that…

  5. When you coming to Europe? I should be here for another few weeks. Let me know if you need any tips….. Wait there was something I was supposed to tell you… Oh yes food in Rome! Right? If so book mark Pianostrada and Likeat for the best food of your life… okay well maybe the best food in Rome ๐Ÿ˜‰ Green Papaya Salad on the street in Thailand is hard to compete with.

    • Sadness… you need to stay longer! We start in Europe Sept 16th in Barcelona, Sept 24th to Sofia, Bulgaria and then October 1st to Rome…. Bookmarking Pianostrada and Likeat now… and yes nothing quite beats Thai food for me, especially Isan style Som Tam when I haven’t had it in far too long… oh damn it… you got me hungry.

  6. Jon
    Very cool indeed. I’ve been to a few of the places in Europe.. Barcelona is one of my favorite places ever!

    I would love to go to Sofia as my good friends wife is from there! Be fun to surprise them if the timing worked .. prob to late to submit to speak at WC!

    Ah.. travel.. I miss it.

    • WCEU speaker submissions closed a few weeks ago, but tickets are still available. I joke that while I’ve always wanted to visit every corner of the earth, Bulgaria has definitely always been very low on my list in terms of priority. Sofia does look beautiful and I am really looking forward to seeing it. I think it’s good to get away from just going to the places at the top of our travel list every once in a while and be surprised.

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