Kanom Krok oh how I love you

Once upon a time I was scootering around Chiang Mai just north of the moat (north of Chang Puak) early in the morning. I was just out exploring a neighborhood I’d never visited in my pre-scootering days. Somewhere lost in the sois I came across a local market. I love markets and dismounted the scooter to explore. It was full of the usual smells and sounds of Thai markets, some were inviting and others not so much! Dried fish and squid sat in baskets next to massive steel bowls full of non-decript curries and soups. Then along the side of the market I found a woman pouring milk into little divots in a hot metal plate. My life was about to change.

Kanom Krok at -Siri Wattana MarketIMG_4867Several Thai people stood waiting and I step forward to order. The woman nodded and I proceeded to wait… and wait… Finally after several trays full of these little white mysterious things were given to others by the half dozen I was handed box. I promptly plopped one in my mouth and was hooked.

I wouldn’t learn the name of Kanom Krok for years, but I would hunt for them high and low. Even when I finally successfully described them to a Thai person and learned the name of them they would remain extremely hard for me to find.

So now when I’m in Chiang Mai I go back to that market and find that same woman there cooking them whenever possible. They are my most favorite Thai breakfast worth hunting high and low for in the early morning hours.

Go check out Elena’s post on Food Practice for more on them including ingredients: Kanom Krok At The Morning Market

Here’s a little video of the making on Kanom Krok, gobble them up if you’re lucky enough to find them:


  1. When she’s adding the onions with chopsticks… her hand moves at ninja speed! I had these ONCE (and fell in love) on my trip years ago then never found them again…….. one day.

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