Leaving the OC

(check back in a few days for photos, until then check out flickr)

Finally after many months of preparation, delay and excuses I finally left Southern California. Yesterday, after a long and somewhat tearful good-bye to Elena I drove from Long Beach, CA up highway 101 to the east bay. I am staying for a few days in Orinda with my very good friends, John & Stem. Whom themselves moved from Orange County to east of the SF bay a little over a year ago. The drive was easy enough, with a bit more traffic than I would have expected, but nothing too major. Just outside Carpinteria I spotted a beautiful little bridge on a frontage street next to the freeway. I zoomed by it, and then spent a mile or two contemplating if I should go back to take a picture of it. It took two exits but I came to the conclusion that I should ALWAYS go back to take pictures on this trip. So I turned around to get a couple quick shots of it.

There was a lot of thinking done on the first leg of the drive. Sadness about the things I’ll miss and not see for a long time: Elena, whom in reality I’ll see again in less than three weeks in PA but whom I won’t be seeing a regular basis for quite a long time; The Pacific Ocean, my ocean, my beloved ocean, I never considered all the oceans the same, they are like sisters, but the Pacific Ocean in so cal has always been mine, she is where I have always felt grounded and at home, every time I leave her I notice her absence; Idyllwild, I’ve so grown to love the little town I’ve know all my life but spent so much time in the last few months, the quiet, the forest, Cafe Aroma and the people; Friends, the many many close and dear friends I still have in Orange County.

Don’t forget meeting Amrita(sp?) the accountant Buddhist turned Hindu at Cafe Aroma. (again, I’ll this is for my memory and I’ll fill this part in later when I have more time to write/upload)

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