Modern Nomadic Living – A Location Independent Career, Life & Travel

As anyone that know me knows…  I’ve not much of a blogger.  I love building sites and I have a passion for building usable custom websites on WordPress for all sorts of clients, bloggers included…  However, when it comes to actually writing I generally prefer writing directly to individuals rather than trying to write something for the public at large.  Just my way for now I guess.  However, that’s what’s awesome about this

Karl Smerecnik, from whom I met when he Couch Surfed with us in Idyllwild a year or so ago however loves writing and was kind enough to interview me and write a story about me and my location independent nomadic life on Teknomadics.  Too  many links so to be clear, to read the article about me discovering I could live my dream of living & work nomadically while still having a career and home click HERE.

Karl’s post got me excited enough to post this… and who knows maybe there will be enough momentum that I’ll start blogging a little again myself…  (don’t hold your breath, but do check back occasionally).

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