Mornings in Idyllwild

One of my favorite pastimes up in Idyllwild has been spending my mornings at Cafe Aroma. It’s a wondeful urban bistro with a great menu for both breakfast and dinner, great staff and a great vibe. It has become the estabishment that has long been missing in Idyllwild. In the mornings I can sit on the patio with my dog, my laptop and slowly pick away at scrumptious food and sip coffee or coco. In the evening it is easily the best food and wine on the hill.

Lately I’ve been on a kick to get artistic. I’ve never really had any artistic skill or talent. So I’m going delveing into the word of photoshop in hopes that my limited camera skills and above average computer skills can come together to create something.

I’ve spent the last couple days playing with Adobe Photoshop Elements, but I think I’m going to take the big leap in real Photoshop CS2.

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