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In real time, I’m about to leave Thailand… on Feb. 27th, but I’ve backdated this post so when I publish the next month worth of blogs this doesn’t continue to show up as the most recent. Yes I’m still a month behind on the blog… Sue me and you can try to take everything I have. At least everything I have with me which you’re about to learn exactly what that is. I’m suspecting learning this will dissuade you from suing me.

First a little tangent… A strange thing happened just after I landed in Bangkok, I checked me email and found a message from Robin. Robin is a former roommate of mine whom I pretty much haven’t heard from since she moved out a several years ago. The message was to say she had finally made her dream of moving to New Zealand come true. Go Robin! Then about two weeks later I get another unexpected email from Amy, a girl friend from about 10 years ago that I recently got back in touch with. She emailed to announce she was up and moving to China! Amy started a blog and the first few entries documented her physically moving to Lahasa, Tibet. She also started a blog and a few days ago in one of the first few entries she made a list of everything she brought with her. It got me thinking that it’s about time I make a list of everything I have with me.

Like nearly everyone, I get criticized for having too much stuff with me; however, I must say that I pale in comparison to her. It’s different for everyone; she’s moving to one location, she only has to move her stuff once. I move around weekly, sometimes daily, I can’t afford quite so much stuff, and I am traveling in vastly different climates over the next year. As such there are a few things that I use infrequently but still need to carry. Anyway, here it is, my worldly possessions for traveling the world (or at least this part of it). If there is an asterisk next to it that means it’s something I bought it or had it shupped to me in route.

PacksI’ll preface it by saying I get criticized for having too much stuff, but that I pale in comparison to her. Say that is just part of an game all travelers play called “Your bag is bigger/heavier than my bag.”. In truth it’s different for everyone because everyone’s travel and needs are different. She’s moving to once, to one location that she can and needs to make a little comfortable. I move around weekly, sometimes daily, so I can’t afford quite so much creature comfort type stuff but need different practical things. I am traveling in different climates over the next year and as such there are a few things that I use infrequently but still need to haul around, big heavy hiking boots for example. Someone only traveling in the south of Thailand where even at night the temperature never drops below 25’C can obviously get away with a lot less weight. Someone with out the need or desire to have a nice camera and laptop with them can also get away with far less weight. On the other side of the spectrum some of the fire dancers I’ve been hanging out with that carry props and costumes for street performances that make my pack seem incredibly light weight. So here it is, my worldly possessions for traveling the world (or at least this particular part of it). For fun I put asterisks around things that I picked up along the way to differentiate from things I brought from the US. In hind sight I would have brought less clothes and bought more clothes here. You’ll also notice a few of the things listed as unused, many of which I am about to leave behind having realized the futility of carrying them. Some however I would have brought anyway because I still know I’ll need them later like when I get to somewhere like Tibet to visit Amy in June or July.

Gregory Palisade Pack
ClothesPacked in 2 Eagle Creek “Fold-its”, 1 large cube, 1 small cube and one cube for socks
Vasque Full Leather BootsWorn maybe 5 times, mostly on Treks
North Face Gortex XCR Rain JacketUn-used
2 Pairs White Cotton SocksUn-used
3 Pairs Wool Socks1 Pair used on Trek, other pairs un-used
1 Pair Black Nylon Socks *Given to me in Bangkok by the Banyan Tree hotel, which require you to wear shoes into the swanky roof top bar, they loaned me shoes
Blue Old Navy Fleece PulloverUsed a LOT, in the north and Laos
Green/Grey Plaid North Face Short-Sleeved Button down ShirtWorn maybe 5 times
4 Pairs Cotton BoxersWorn frequently but I don’t need 4 pairs
3 Pairs Poly/Nylon Boxer BriefsWorn more frequently I wish I had more
Red Prana Woven Cotton T-ShirtWorn frequently
Blue Prana Woven Cotton T-ShirtWorn frequently
Blue Life is Good Cotton T-ShirtWorn somewhat frequently
Red North Face TekWare T-ShirtWorn frequently
Green Gramichi Quick Dry Nylon PantsWorn frequently
Off-White Hemp/Cotton Karate PantsWorn frequently
Grey Nylon North Face ShortsWorn frequently
Beige Nylon Mountain Hardware ShortsWorn very frequently
Beige Nylon North Face PantsMaybe worn once
Blue/Grey Long Sleeved Prana ShirtWorn frequently
Bathing SuitWorn Daily in the south
Red Quicksilver Rayon/Polyester Short-sleeved Button down shirtWorn once
Grey Heavy North Face PantsUsed frequently in the North and Laos
Blue Nylon HatLost the first week 🙁
Chacos (Teva like sandals but better)Usually on my feet
*Grey Long Sleeved Heavy North Face TekWare Shirt*Shipped from home, picked up last week un-used
*Yellow North Face TekWare T-Shirt*Shipped from home, picked up last week worn twice already
*Blue Thai Fisherman Pants*Bought in Koh Phangan, used mostly when spinning fire
*Purple/Green Scarf*Bought in Mae Sai from a Long Neck Karen Woman – Used frequently in the north and Laos
*Blue/Orange Sarong*Bought in Koh Phangan, used infrequently as blanket and yoga mat
*Camouflaged Hat*Bought in Pai prior to Trek, used on trek and maybe a few more times
*Cheap Flip Flops *Used a LOT, easier on/off than Chacos
Black Diamond Bullet A Very Small Back PackUsed almost daily until I got my NEW shoulder bag
Black PillowcaseUn-used
Waterproof Stuff SackUn-used
Sink Drain Plugused 4-5 times
8 individual sized packets WooliteOriginally 10, 2 used
Brunton CompassUn-used
Small BinocularsUsed once in Kao Yai National Park
Tetris Keychain GameUn-used, I had this in Europe 8 years ago
Spool of Thread and needleUn-used
Spyderco KnifeUsed briefly and now broken
Sailing Glovesused a few times riding motor bikes, planning on using them kayaking
Silk Sleep SackUsed about 50% of the time
THE Hotel Laundry BagStolen at Chris and May’s Wedding Used Regularly
Quick Dry Pack TowelUsed Infrequently
Thin Nylon Duffle BagI put my big pack inside it when I fly – Used 3 times so far
Camera TripodUsed very infrequently, but after the fire photo session totally worth every gram
*Incence*Used occasionally to chase off mosquitos
*Santa ??? – Incense wood from South America*Gift from Bryan, awesome, chases off mosquitos and smells great
*Cotton Hammock *Bought in Koh Phangan and used every day there, used occasionally since then
*Purple Shoulder Bag *Bought in Luang Prabang, Laos and used it for one week until my heavy camera blew out the zippers, now used to house my stinky fire poi
*Monkey Fist Fire Poi*Bought from a friend in Koh Phangan, stored in above mentioned falling apart purple bag
*Travel Speakers*Bought in Koh Phangan (finally) used frequently since purchase
*Headphone Extension cable for above speakers*Bought in Bangkok shortly after realizing the super short cable included with the speakers was a nuisance
*Tennis Ball Poi and Tennis Ball Metor*Used occasionally
Toiletry BagSmall Eagle Creek Toiletry BagUsed Daily
Travel Alarm ClockUsed frequently
2 ToothbrushesUsed Daily (it’s cheap insurance in case I lose one)
*Small Scissors*Bought somewhere to trim my facial hair
Big Pick Style CombUsed infrequently
Small Travel MirrorUsed occasionally
Nail ClippersUsed frequently
Sowing Kit from THE HotelUsed once
*Actifed – ie. Sudafed*Bought in Luang Prabang when I had some serious sinus congestion
*Paracetamol – ie. Tylenol*Bought in Luang Prabang when I had some serious sinus congestion
Big Tube of Colgate ToothpasteAlmost gone and hoping it’ll be gone soon so I can but a small tube
Pumice StoneUsed more frequently than I would have expected
*Travel Packets of Tissue*For toilets without toilet paper. Bought a 6 pack in Pai, just ran out and bought another 6 pack in Khao Lak
Tea Tree OilUsed occasionally – mostly on feet
*Salt Crystal Deodorant*Bought in Pai, will dump soon in favor of a cool little prepackaged replacement
*Salt Crystal Deodorant in case*Bought in Chiang Mai (2nd Visit)
*50mL bottle Pantene*Bought in Pai before finding cool natural shampoo that I just lost…
*All Natural Shampoo*Bought in Pai, lost in Bangkok
Ear PlugsUsed twice on trains
NeosporinUsed infrequently
*Vicks Camphor/Menthol/Eucalyptus*Used during sinus congestion
*Peppermint Oil*Probably not really essential oil, bought in Chiang Mai (2nd Visit)
*Lighter*I saw no reason to bring one… but know I have 3 in different places. For Incense, Candles, Fire Poi, whatever
*Lighter #2 w/ LED light*I have two with cool little LED lights built in for finding your way in the dark one of which is here in my toiletry bag waiting for the other to be lost or stolen
Hair GelUsed infrequently
CondomJust one and it’s still unused
ZilactinUnused – Topical medicine for Canker Sores which I get from time to time. I think I get them when I’m stressed out… funny I haven’t had need for it while traveling
*Travel Soap*Comes and goes, used occasionally
RazorUsed every few days
Razor Blades2 lasted me two months, I just bought 5 more today
FlossUnused – I never use floss I don’t know why I brought it…
*Q-tips / Cotton Buds *Just bought unused
Books and Things
Lonely Planet ThailandUsed occasionally
Lonely Planet IndiaLeft in Chiang Mai my second week and just picked back up last week
Book – Kite RunnerExcellent book, thank you Patty 🙂 Read on the train from Ayuthya to Chiang Mai, dropped in Chiang Mai
Book – Sailing PromiseFinally read in Koh Phangan, dropped on 2nd visit to Chiang Mai
Book – Bhagava GitaUnread – Dropped in Surin the first week, just to big and heavy to keep carrying
*Lonely Planet Thai for Travelers*A good Thai phrase book, bought in Chaing Mai (1st visit) used daily
*Thai 101*A tiny but horrible Thai phrase book bought 2nd day, dropped in Chaing Mai (2nd Visit)
*Book – Are you Afraid of the Dark*A horrible novel, bought because there was nothing else before the 2nd train ride to Chaing Mai DUMPED in Chaing Mai
*Book – The Tao of Pooh*Given to me in Bangkok by Andrea, return a few days later in Pai
*Book – Lost in Transmission*A good novel, bought in Veng Vien, Laos, dropped in Chaing Mai (2nd Visit)
*Book – The Corporation*Picked up in Chaing Mai (2nd Visit), finished today, but I think I’ll carry it India
*Book – Kitchen Confidential*Bought in Chaing Mai (2nd Visit), not started yet

Thats about it for my “big” pack, books I’m reading make it temporarily into my “small” pack or my day bag. I think I’m missing a book or two that I read quickly and discarded. I think I finished Bill Bryson’s “Lost Continent” here… I think… It’s late and I can’t think clearly. Oh, and my journal I carry most of the time in whatever pack/day bag I’m carrying see way down at the bottom. Now for my “small pack”, which is actually quiet large since it’s my camera/laptop/etc.. bag

Lowe-Pro CompuRover (Smaller Pack)This pack is designed to carry a laptop and camera which I wear on the front when carrying my big pack on my back, it is not my day pack. It’s too big to be used as a day pack unfortunately
10-20 Blank DVDsI burn photos to these to send home, in theory
*2 CDs of Software (Anti-Virus and Video Editing)*Bought in Bangkok
Camera (Nikon D80, 18-200 VR Lens, UV Filter)Used almost daily 🙂 I do get tired of carrying all 2kg of it though
Circular Polarizing Filter for CameraUsed frequently – Thank you Hansi and Jennifer
Camera Bag (just a case basically)Used almost daily, used inside my day bag
Camera FlashUsed occasionally
LumiQuest Pocket BouncerUsed once, not a big fan
Camera Lens Cleaning KitUsed infrequently, I think I use it more on other peoples camera (which have never been cleaned) than on mine
Camera Memory Cards 1-2GB and 1-1GBUsed frequently
Lens PenUsed for regular lens cleaning
Camera Battery ChargerUsed about weekly
Rechargable battery charger (flash uses AA’s, speakers use AAA)Used occasionally – It’s nice not to be throwing away alkaline batteries
Ipod/Sync CableUsed infrequently – In the room I’m usually listen to music directly from the laptop
Sony in-ear headphones for Ipod and LaptopUsed somewhat frequently
Cables for hooking Ipod to stereounused (most stereos already have cables waiting for an Ipod to be plugged in)
Kennisiton Universal ChargerUsed frequently until it died in Laos, they sent a new brick to Elena which she is bringing me in India
Adaptors for above to charge Laptop/Cell Phone/Ipod
Acer 5672 WLMi LaptopUsed almost daily
Power Cord for Acer Laptopbought in Bangkok shortly after uninversal power adaptor died
USB Hard Drive 120GBUsed very frequently
Motorolla Razr V3 Cell PhoneLost in Chaing Mai 🙁
Charger for RAZR V3Used until phone lost, not sure why I still carry it
*Charger for Nokia 1110i*Came with replacement phone bought in Chaing Mai
Pen Sized Mag Lightun-used
Colman Headlampused frequently during power outages and where there are no street lights
*Plastic Folder*For important papers (Insurance, Passport Copys, etc) bought in Bangkok
*Plastic Folder*For less important papers (travel articles, notes, letters, postcasrds) bought in Bangkok
Heavy Paper FolderDestroyed a few weeks ago
Pad of Engineering/Graph PaperJust in case I want to sketch something
Manila EnvelopesFor sorting and mailing
SunglassesUsed occasionally, surprsingly less then I would have thought
*Bug Spray*Used occasionally when needed – on second bottle both bought in Thailand
*Sun Screen*un-used
Cliff BarJust in case… unused
First Aid Kit – Tiny, literally like 10 band-aids and a piece of gauzeUnused
3″ Square Post-it notesUsed frequently – notes for friends and bookmarks in LP
*Duck Tape*Used frequently – mostly for blisters on feet on second tiny roll
Flickr Photo CardsUsed frequently
Extra USB cableused a few times
*Naruda Poem from Elena*Picked up with stuff in Chaing Mai, read several times
Travel Wallet w/ Passport some extra cash and a credit cardCarried on body when moving, left in room when stationary
Small lock and 3 keysUsed a few times to lock luggage, used once to lock door
Voice RecorderUnused
Check Book w/ stash of extra cash and a credit cardUnused
Leathman Juice ProUsed frequently, espeically to make/repair poi, also used as knife
Keychain compass and LED light clipped to pack strapUsed frequently I love this little thing, shame the LED is dying
Tiny screwdriver for taking apart laptops/electronics/etc…Hey it was unused, but I just used to to fix the LED on the keychain Compass/LED
Day BagUsually my shoulder bag, use to be my Bullet Backpack
*Shoulder Bag*Bought in Bangkok, modified to be strong in Pai, with an inside pocket too… I love this one and prefer it to a back pack 🙂
JournalUsed frequently or writing and storing important papers
*Nokia 1110i Cell Phone*Bought in Chaing Mai
*Sock Poi*My first set of Poi Picked up in Pai, still my favorite, with me everywhere
WalletAlmost always in my pocket
CashUsed Daily
Credit CardUnused
ATM CardUsed frequently (weekly)
CA Drivers Licenseunused
Engeering Licenseunused
Bussiness Card from Mom and Elenaunused
Red Cross Cardunused
AAA Cardunused
Insurance Infounused

Well, I think that’s it… every last little piece… I weighed everything flying from Chiang Mai to Phuket. Big Pack=23kg, Small Pack=12kg, Shoulder Bag 2kg, all total 37kg. Multiply by 2.2 to get to pounds.


  1. ummm? I hate to say this, but that picture of your bags is incredibly decieving. I’ve seen them up close and personal, and they are twice the size the photo implies! 😉

  2. It certainly feels like is weighs more than it looks…

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