Quebec City

DSC 3410I spent two days in Quebec city. I had really only planned on one day, mostly because I figured there wouldn’t be anywhere to camp. However, thanks to and I found a cute little hotel right in the middle of Old Quebec that allowed pets (with reservations only and in specially designated rooms). It was a little pricey, but not ridiculously so, and for the benefit of staying in heart of the old city it was worth it. I decided to plan on staying two nights so that I could get one really full day of seeing the old city.

DSC 3228The first night I spent mostly just getting settled into the room. I had dinner downstairs at the restaurant/pub attached to the hotel and then took Tucker for a short walk around the area near the hotel at night.

DSC 3341On the first day I did what I like to do best in old cities like this, take a walking tour. Early in the morning I went about looking for a good one, and found one that said taking Tucker along wouldn’t be a problem at all, yeah! It was advertised as a 2 hour tour, but went just over 4 hours! Which was good but also a bit tring. On the tour I started chatting with a really nice older man who was thrilled I was traveling the way I was. It turns out he was from Doyelstown of all places, right next door to Matt and Em in Pensylvania. He really wanted me to come visit his family when I came back down into the US, but I told him unfortuntaly there just wouldn’t be time. He was so friendly though, he really left an impression. As we walked I later found out he had just turned 80 years old! Wow, I was impressed he was getting around Quebec city, up and down the steep streets and stairs, really well. I little shuffle to his feet, and certinally a little extra care going up and down the stairs, but I was amazed. I hope I’m still traveling and exploring at 80 the way he is.

DSC 3417 After the long walk I took a very tired Tucker back by the hotel room, and headed out solo to find dinner and walk into the newer part of the city. Everywhere I went I was blown away with what a majestic city it is new buildings, old buildings and streets. It all comes together very well here. I think part of it works because it is North Americas only walled city. The old walled city is maintained in all it’s historical beauty and glory, while a new city grows outside the old walls. Yet, the old city is still fully functional not just a tourist zone.

DSC 3267Worried a bit about where to stay in Prince Edward Island I checked out again. I signed up a long time ago and have always loved the idea, but never bothered while on the road trip because it seemed like a lot to ask someone host me and Tucker on their couch. In part because I realized my solo explorations of Quebec City left something lacking, and because I figured there was no harm in asking I sent an email to a pair of couch surfers in PEI. One, Patrick, responded very quickly with a “absolutely, no problem with the dog give me a call when you get here”. Way more hospitality than I expected. The other responded a few hours later with equal generosity, but I took the first offer.

DSC 3464Patrick also suggested I check out the Gaspie Peninsula on my way down from Quebec City towards PEI. Always one to take a locals advice I changed my plans a little to spend an extra day going up and around the Gaspie and camping in a national park there. With plans for the next couple days set, I left Quebec City by way of another locals suggestion (Sylvie’s this time) and took ferry between Quebec City and Levis… wow what a great view back towards Quebec City.

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