San Fran

This morning Jon and I grab a cup of coffee at one of the two Starbucks in Orinda and then took a long hike/walk with the dog in Tilden Park. Tilden is beautiful, green with rolling hills, fog moving in over the Berkley Hills. We went back home and then into the city for the day.

SF started with lunch at the Brick house near Jon and Stef’s office, which also happens to be next door to the company SixApart. After lunch we drove a few blocks over to where they were both getting hair cuts about a block off of Union Square. While Jon got his hair cut I walked over to Union Square where they were celebrating Indonesian Day. Indonesian day was interesting, but I decided to walk from Union square over No Hill to North Beach in search of photographic opportunities, as well as Juice Lucy’s. The amazingly cool looks organic juice bar that Jennifer Esperanza and Hansi Lebrect visited just a few weeks ago on their road trip up the nor thing coast of California. It proved to be worth the walk. The atmosphere isn’t is serene, and the juice is fabulous. Having just had lunch I passed on the food, but wow did it look good. I don’t know if I’ll make it back while I’m here to sample the food, but if I get into the city again I’ll certainly try. After Jon’s haircut he came and picked me up about a block away from Juicy Lucy’s next to Coloma park and we headed towards the Ferry Building on embarcadaro to pick up some food for dinner. We parked at the north end of the Emarcadaro and walked down the the ferry building and back. It was a beautiful day for a walk.. which is good since this was the third long walk I’d taken today. The smells inside the Ferry Building, which is sort of an indoor food mall. Not a food court, more like a food court crossed with a permanent farmers market. Everything from fresh produce to gourmet cheese and mushrooms to fish and meat and all sorts of stuff.

Before we left we’d barricaded Tucker in the guest room€ by places a couple heavy boxes in front of the double doors… Tucker being the suborn strong willed dog that he is though, managed to push the double doors open anyway. No harm done, he ate the cat’s food, but that’s about it. He’s getting along well with Memphis (the more outgoing cat) and I don’t think Pooka (the shy cat) has actually poked his head out of hiding to be seen by Tucker yet. Other than Pooka hiding, which he does 23.9 hours a day anyway, they don’t seem to mind Tucker and Tucker having learned form Elena’s cat that he’s suppose to stay away from the cats hasn’t really bothered them either.

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