Sleeping at Wal-Mart

I made it to Boise today. It was a very productive day of driving (625 mi) and I hope it’ll give me plenty of time in Yellowstone over the next couple days. Tomorrow I continue on to Yellowstone , it’s 420 miles to Old Faithful. I’ll spend tomorrow night in Yellowstone and then all day the following day, and maybe another night… at least that’s the plan. Then I’ll head east quickly. I now trying to get to PA by Friday in hopes I can sign escrow papers there and get them back in the mail on Friday as well. Not critical, but it’d be nice to make sure nothing delays escrow.

So this morning I woke up in a beautiful campground near the lighthouse at Cape Blanco, Oregon. After a simple oatmeal breakfast I set out north and then east to Crater Lake National Park. It wasn’t something I desperately wanted to see, but I was close so I “made” it on my way. It was impressive, but not the kind of park I’d spend long in. There just doesn’t seem to be much to do there. Anyway, after a strech of the legs and lots of panoramic picture taking I headed north out of the park and then toward Bend, Oregon. Bend has a reputation as an otudoorsy town and judging just by the number of SUV’s and Subaru’s with car racks for bikes and kayaks, I’d believe it. However I get the impression it’s a bit like Orange County in that the town isn’t anything special. In fact it’s kind of dull, at least the part I saw. It looks to be surrounded by cool stuff though. Maybe I just didn’t see the “good” parts, it wasn’t somehwere I planned on going so I didn’t know where to look. Anyway, feeling good to keep driving I figured I’d make it at least ot Burns, Oregon and sleep there for the night. Then it occured to me that I could sleep at Wal-Mart for free and it’d be just as good as the crumy campgrounds I’d find in the middle of the high plains around Burns. The nearest Wal-Mart however (in the direction I was going anyway) was just inside Idaho in Nampa or a few miles further in Boise. I drove by the Nampa Wal-mart and was a bit intimidated by the fact I didn’t see any RV’s parked there. Anyway, here I am in the parking lot of Wal-Mart in Boise, at 12:30am local time parked amoung a dozen RV’s and about to catch a few hours sleep before heading for Yellowstone NP at sunrise… Goodnight.

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