So what have I been doing for the last three months

I haven’t posted in three months, actually the truth is I just backdated the first post to mark the beginning of my year off, but I had intended to start blogging that day and obviously haven’t… So this one post is going to cover everything that’s been going on the last three months… sort of.

First I have been trying to sell my home. In the five years I’ve owned it it’s nearly doubled in value and I decided it would be better and simpler to sell it than try to deal with leasing it out while traveling. I’d always planned on holding onto it forever and leasing it, but the realities of leasing and managing it while overseas convinced my otherwise, besides it’s not a “bad” time to sell a home. Of course with it having been on the market for 4 months I’m now thinking again about leasing it and wish I had gotten it on the market a month earlier…

Second I have done some of the things I’d planned for my first couple months off. Lots of relaxing, a significant amount of time at my family’s cabin in Idyllwild, and moving everything I own out of the condo. The highlight was certainly the week in Vail the last week of March, more on that some other time perhaps.

Finally, my travel plans are firming up, a little. I’ll head out of Southern California next week and slowly make my way up the coast to San Francisco where I’ll visit with friends around the time of the 4th of July. From there I head to Colorado, probably via Yosemite, where I’ll visit for a week or two with family and friends and get to Pennsylvania early in August. I’ll spend most of August around there and in October will drive through the NE to visit friends along the way with the turnaround point being Quebec City. I’ll head back to the outskirts of Philadelphia where in late November or early December I’ll be leaving my dog with my friends before flying to Asia with one little backpack and a whole lot of dreams.

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