Travel Neck Pillows

I’ve wanted a travel neck pillow ever since my October 2012 WordCamp extravaganza trip (Maui>Vegas>Vancouver>Philly>SoCal>Maui) that involved 3 red-eye flights in 4 weeks.
Until then I had never really seen the point of the silly looking things. I’d always been pretty happy taking whatever bulky clothing I was lugging around (down jacket, fleece pullover, etc) and turning it into an improvised neck pillow type thingy which was sufficient enough for me to get a few hours semi-comfortable sleep.

I started searching airports after the first red-eye flight on that trip. Oddly however all the airport shops I could find that sold travel neck pillows weren’t open at 2am. News flash, someone should open a 24hr kiosk in every airport that just sells travel pillows!


When I got home to Maui without a sore neck and no pillow I started researching them extensively online, as I do, to figure out which one was the right one for me. I wasn’t just going to pick whatever neck pillow happened to be conveniently presented to me the next time I was in need. You know what though, buying a pillow online is tough. It’s just on of those things you kind of want to touch and feel before buying. The problem with buying one I could actually touch and feel though of course is that I live on Maui. I have no idea where I would buy such a thing on Maui. It’s not that Maui is some backwater, I’m sure there is somewhere on island that sells them. I just couldn’t readily think of one being that we lack any sort of store I’d expect to have one (Brookstone, Magellin, Eagle Creek, REI, etc).


I wanted one for this trip and I was thinking if I could find one in a Hawaiian print fabric that’d be kind of cool. I also knew that I needed to get from the interisland terminal to the international terminal in Honolulu in under an hour which is tough because they are at opposite ends of HNL. That connection requires either a 30min walk or a 15 min wait for the Wiki Wiki shuttle) and either way I wouldn’t have much time for shopping, so I looked this morning on Maui. I discovered however that the stores inside OGG that sell neck pillows aren’t open 7am either. I’m telling you all, 24hr airport kiosk = millions of dollars!

Anyway, now that I’m here in at Narita (NRT) in Tokyo with a 6 hour layover, I’m hunting for pillows.

I must say, if you need to go shopping for a travel neck pillow this is a great place to do it.

Didn’t get a photo on the plane, but here I am sleeping with it in Bangkok (BKK) at 3am sleeping on a nice comfy wooden bench waiting for domestic baggage check in to open at 5:30am.



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