ALL the way around

When I finally get home tonight I’ll have circumnavigated the globe.


10 years ago when I started planning to quit my office job and spend a year or more traveling one of my early dreams was to sell my house, buy a boat and “sail about the world” but it was never on my agenda to circumnavigate it.

You see when it comes to blue water sailors they can be roughly categorized into two main groups. Those on a mission to sail around the world and those that are just living aboard a boat and bouncing from port to port. Both groups inspired me, but I felt for more kinship with the later group. I just wanted to bounce from port to port exploring every nook and cranny of our big beautiful planet, if circumnavigation happened so be it, but it was never a goal.

After a lot of thinking I abandoned the boat buying idea and opted instead for planes, trains and automobiles. In hindsight this was likely a very good financial choice, but the romance of sailing still tugs on me. Someday.

I’ve now been to 23 unique countries (That excludes the 5 countries where I’ve just transited through an airport).

Today however marks the first time I’ve gone all the way around the globe in one trip. On all my past trips I’ve turned around at some point and come back home over the path I used to leave the way I’d left.

It was never my goal, but it still feels pretty darn cool have done for the first time.

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